Humanist Films, LLC is a film and photography production company, based in Los Angeles. Founded by filmmaker and photographer Ming Lai, Humanist Films is less of a traditional production company than an innovative think tank, gathering the brightest minds to research, plan, create, and change. Our interdisciplinary work ranges from narrative and documentary films to commercials and corporate videos to fine art and documentary photography projects. The name of our company honors legendary director, Akira Kurosawa, who was praised for his humanist compassion and inspired us to become filmmakers.

Ming Lai is a filmmaker and photographer. His narrative and documentary films explore the human condition, addressing subjects like war, illegal immigration, art education, and mental illness. His photography similarly tries to capture the human spirit, from breathtaking architecture to haunting internment camps. In his commercial work, he’s created commercials and corporate videos for many international clients, including Coldwell Banker, Epson, Fujitsu, Marukome, and Yakult. With all of his projects, he strives to create enduring works of art that benefit humanity.

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